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Taj Riverside Resort & Adventure

Taj Riverside Resort and Adventure (TRRA), an eco-friendly resort which is located 95 KM away from Katmandu in the eastern part of the country where we can reach in less than three hour drive from the Kathmandu. This resort is in the middle part of newly formed Banepa-Dhulikhel-Mulkot-Sindhuli-Bardibas BP Highway, which is considered as the point of centre for rest and adventure to nature lovers. TRRA is centrally located at the side of beautiful Sunkoshi river with awesome views of landscape, green panorama of hilly forests, and typical Nepali living scene. The major attraction of the resort venue is picturesque lush green jungle, temple of Balkeshari Mahadev, Mukuteshwori Mahadev, Gahate Dada/Selfee Dada, among others. Moreover, the resort is completely away from the hustle and bustle environment of city life. The resort is home away from home to those who wish to get natural beauty of the country. Resort has extended its facilities in wide range of recreations and adventures activities for all level of clients. Resort has run by very renowned personalities of Nepalese tourism and hospitality sector who have been working in the field since last two and half decades.

The resort; is being a stop of refreshment for many national and international guests/visitors since its establishment. Resort is being a recreational hub for family entertainment along with outdoor activities like rafting, camping, hiking, horse riding and many more. Resort is centrally located in the Province three of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal; Sunkoshi -5, Mulkot, Sindhuli, Nepal. A complete package of Taj Riverside Resort & Adventure is of about 2-3 days. Leave behind all your worries and stresses then come in TRRA to enjoy with clean air. Stunning views of lush green forest, gorge Sunkoshi Valley, and photogenic selfie dada have intensified the homely environment of TRRA. TRRA is a real part of heaven where visitors can feel the taste of genuine hospitality in local setting of Nepali traditional culture. Outdoor activities of the resort are equally mesmerizing to nature lovers.

Our professionally trained resort staffs provide classic Nepali hospitality at its very best, and our kitchen produces mouth-watering culinary delights in the presence of organic products which straight come from the local farm. Additionally, resort serves lunch and dinner in outdoor activities, tea and coffee break for highway travelers with the natural beauty as the complementary. Our dining hall has comfortable seats for guests. Both Nepali and other cuisines are served in the resort, we highly emphasize on use of local products like vegetables, dairy items, local bread products.