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Chairman's Message

Message from Chairman

Dear Guest.
Namaste and Warm welcome to Taj Riverside Resort and Adventure.

Taj Riverside Resort is managed by the group of hospitality entrepreneurs who have been involving in the dozens of modest fast food outlet in Kathmandu since 1998. The growing popularity of the fast food stall eventually transformed into a multi-facility business hotel named Taj Riverside Resort & Adventure.

After successful operation of more than 130 fast food outlets, we feel like create to bridge between hospitality and adventure tourism thus we came up with the idea of Taj Riverside Resort and Adventure.

With our extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, we are highly concerned about the taste and hygiene of the food. At Taj Riverside Resort we serve not only food and accommodation but also real hospitality with smile and hygiene with test.

Please do not just take our words but also visit us once to feel it in real. We are looking forward to see you at Taj Riverside Resort.

Thank you!

Talak Shrestha